In terms of packaging, this replica TAG Heuer AQUARACER 300m is the same as the authentic one, and comes with a hangtag. The diameter of the watch is 43mm, which is very suitable for friends with a wrist size of 17-18, but because the case is relatively thin, it can also be worn on a thinner wrist. The watch mirror is a sapphire mirror, super luminous hands, original movement, support for disassembly inspection, tough style, super difficult stainless steel wire drawing process that cannot be imitated, one watch with one code and one hangtag, synchronized with the counter!

The case has some flaws. The genuine product is made of titanium, while the original TAG Heuer is made of stainless steel PVD electroplating technology, which is somewhat different from the genuine product. The matte black dial is decorated with horizontal line effect, sand-colored hand-applied polished and faceted hour markers with gray fluorescent marks, sand-colored polished and faceted hour and minute hands with gray fluorescent marks, orange lacquered central second hand, and embossed gray minute scale.

The 12 o’clock night pearl is very beautifully made, covered with super luminous coating, with sharp edges and corners of the inverted triangle, and a 1:1 replica watch. In the middle of the dial is a large three-pointer, and the three pointers are made by separate molds, all covered with super luminous material, and the center axis is hollow. The calendar window has a magnifying glass effect, which allows you to view the calendar more clearly, and the calendar font is very centered. From the side, the perfect replica watch case is frosted, and the thickness is very authentic because of the movement. The PVD electroplating process screw-in crown on the right is quick and easy to operate, and the adjustment method is authentic. The internal movement is equipped with the same Swiss movement as the authentic one. The movement model is the Swiss ETA2824 movement. The authentic one is this model of movement. The Swiss movement is recognized by the market and customers as the most stable, most accurate, and with the lowest repair rate.

The strap is made of the same nylon strap as the original, with white stitching, and the experience is the same as the original. The buckle is made of stainless steel folding buckle with a safety button, which is simple and convenient to wear. The buckle surface is also engraved with TAG’s exclusive LOGO. Is the original TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m watch worth buying? The original TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m replica watch is very good in terms of materials and movement. The watch is made of original genuine molds and strictly follows the size of the genuine product. The stainless steel material plus the PVD electroplating process are very delicate, the sapphire mirror, the super luminous hands, and the original movement all show the exquisiteness of the watch. After testing, the error control of this watch within 5 seconds is not a problem at all. The public price of the genuine watch is about 20,000 yuan, while this original watch is only more than 2,000 yuan, which is close to one-tenth of the price. It is definitely a five-star recommendation to get the genuine experience.

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